Wedding stacks or how to pair your wedding ring

A wedding band is traditionally worn on the ring finger as a solo ring.


For some time it has become very fashionable to wear a wedding band together with an engagement ring on a same finger. Both rings symbolize the most memorable events of your life. This pair look incredibly stylish and we give you some useful tips how to match them the best.

Pairing your Engagement Ring with Wedding Band

There a plenty of variants how to mix or stack your engagement and wedding ring together.
The first variant is just to pair your engagement ring with a classic plain wedding band. Such wedding stacks look simple and close to classics.  The glitter of plain gold and a sparkle of diamonds make a good pair.

wedding stacks

Alternatively you may use a wedding band with paved diamonds. It perfectly accompanies with a solitaire engagement ring.

wedding stacks new york

The wedding stacks with curve bands are very trendy today. You will find a lot of beautiful variants by Anna Sheffield on This New York based fine jewelry designer creates the stunning unique rings with contemporary style.

There are a lot of stackable wedding rings in her last jewelry collection. For the best wedding stacks use the match of curves between both rings.

  1. A round curve wedding band perfectly fits with a solitaire ring with a round diamond. A plain ring or a band with paved diamonds look georgous in yellow gold. wedding-stacks-new-york-6
  2. The pairs with chevron curve band look perfectly with black diamond solitaire. The best diamond cut for these wedding stacks are marquise or pear.
  3. Tiara bands best match with round gemstone engagement rings.

Wedding stacks

Wedding band can be stacked with several bands of different style. It can be bold and thin, plain and paved diamond rings form a stylish stacking ring set.


The stacking rings may be accomplished with a solitaire engagement ring. And this pair is the most fashionable trend of 2017.