TOP 7 most popular diamonds cut for engagement rings

Diamonds and rings are synonymous with engagement and wedding. They come in different cuts, designs and shapes. If you are at a loss at which cut of diamond ring to go with, then you will benefit from our list of the 7 popular cut diamond engagement rings.

  1. Round cut diamonds – they are one of the most popular styles for diamond engagement rings. They date far back to the 1700s and do not seem to back down in demand. Their round shape is flattering on the finger and with a sparkle that seems everlasting; they captivate every eye that beholds it. Their contemporary classic shape makes them one of the diamond rings that are most-sought after.
  2. Oval cut diamonds – although they have been very popular in the past before disappearing for a while, they are nevertheless, coming back with a bang. There are synonymous with royalty and have a way of elongating one’s fingers especially when the carat size is very pronounced. There must be a reason Kate Middleton choose the oval engagement ring, and you can be sure it is not only because it was Will’s mother’s ring.
  3. Princess cut diamonds – the clean angles and lines of princess cut diamond rings are not just the modern choice, but the elegant choice. The way they are cut in a square-like shape helps them maximize sparkle. They work well with any ring shape and design. It brings with it a contemporary and modern allure look.
    4) Emerald cut diamonds – they are rectangular cut diamond engagement rings that give a chic and elegant look. The cut showcases the diamond’s spectacular clarity. It is by far the most sought after diamond engagement ring because of its unique and irresistible design.
    5) Pear cut diamonds – they have this graceful curve to them that make them appear sophisticated and feminine at the same time. They embody the balance of grace and style. They can easily blend in with any shape of a ring and still leave their mark.
    6) Cushion cut diamonds – they are distinguished by their shape which is a blend of rectangular and square shape. They have grown to become popular choice for diamond engagement rings. Their unique shapes are commonly worn by the elites.
    7) Heart cut diamonds – ever since heart shape diamond rings came into being, they stole the heart of many. They have this inviting appearance that is so enticing. Their shape is the shape of love and may be the reason many people love having it as their engagement ring.