Top 4 gemstone engagement rings

The jewelers often use the colored gemstones like amethyst, aquamarine, topaz, morganite, quartz, tanzanite etc. There are 4 wellknown precious stones on the top of this list: diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald. The top 4 gemstone engagement rings are the most expensive.

Diamond engagement rings

Diamonds are the most popular gems on the world jewelry market. Diamond engagement rings are only a part of the range of modern jewelry. Besides the rings you will find a great choice of diamond bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants etc.

Diamonds differ by size, cut form and shape. Many people think diamonds are colorless gems, but it is not quite right. If you compare them on a sheet of white paper, you will see the difference in their color. Some diamonds have a light blue hue, some are yellowish. Absolutely colorless diamonds are the most expensive. Diamonds look gorgeous with any metal setting. Diamond engagement ring with platinum or white gold setting look chic and classy. The pure colorless diamond and cold metal hue of platinum is the most successful combination. The latest jewelry trend is to wear the diamond gemsone engagement rings together with wedding bands. Champagne gold wedding band perfectly fits to diamond solitaire or twisted engagement ring. No doubts, you will easily find your dream ring among diamond engagement jewelry.

Pear cut diamonds

Princess cut diamonds

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire engagement rings look very exquisite and noble. They are considered as an affordable alternative to diamonds. This deep blue gemstone is called “royal gem” and is a symbol of sincerity and trust. Traditional Blue is not the only color of sapphires. Most of people unaware that sapphires are also pink, green, yellow, white and black. The same as diamonds sapphire are valued by the rule of 4C’s: Color, Cut, Carat & Clarity

Ruby Gemstone Engagement rings

Ruby is an object of legends and myths in many cultures. This deep, wine red gemstone is a symbol of love and passion. Nowadays a ruby ring is a traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary. If you consider it as a gemstone engagement ring, be assured this will be the best choice. Many consider rubies as talisman that protect its wearer from all negatives. Ruby engagement rings look better with warm yellow or red gold settings. They complement each other perfectly. By reflecting the light the red color becomes more fiery red.

Emerald Gemstone Engagement Rings

Emerald is a symbol of happiness, сonfidence and stability. This deep green gemstone is often used by crafting the customer engagement rings. Emerald gemstone engagement rings look more pretty if an emerald is big and the setting is made from a rose gold. Different green hues from the warm yellow-green to the cold blue-green allow jewelers to create the unique emerald gemstone engagement rings of unique style and design.