Solitaire Engagement Ring

Among various designs and ring forms a solitaire engagement ring is doubtless the most popular. The name “solitaire” comes from the French that means “single” or “alone”. The modern definition of a solitaire engagement ring means a ring with a single precious stone (usually a diamond).
Originally, the blue sapphire were used instead of diamonds for solitaire rings. Their blue color was a symbol of truth, patience and loyalty. Therefore people believed the ring will bring happiness and harmonious future to the couple.
1886 the jeweler’s house Tiffany & Co. created their legendary diamond solitaire engagement ring. It was the epitome of new age style and it quickly became a jewelry icon. Diamonds rapidly replaced the sapphire. They had much more sparkle and their clarity and colorless was the ultimate expression of pure and true love.

Classic solitaire engagement ring

The diamond ring created by Tiffany & Co became a classic solitaire engagement ring that we know it today. It seems to be timeless. The actual Tiffany’s jewelry collections includes a lot of solitaires of various designs.
Although the classic solitaire engagement ring dates back to 1886, Tiffany & Co is not the only company who wrote the new jewelry history.
1895 Cartier, the French jewelry manufacturer, has crafted the no less legendary diamond solitaire ring. It has a simple and refined design. Thanks to more space between 4 prongs the centered diamond let through more light. Its brilliance and sparkle was incredible.

Tiffany classic solitaire engagement ring Cartier classic solitaire engagement ring

Modern solitaire engagement ring

A modern solitaire engagement ring is a contemporary concept of classics.  The precious metals like platinum or white gold and a centered 1.8ct diamond are creatively designed using new forms and lines. The main diamond can be accented by small pave or micropave diamonds. The classic flat setting may have creative curves or knots. A modern solitaire engagement ring is in high demand by people who look for flashy and unique. It is a fusion of traditionally idea of a classic solitaire and a modern vision and technologies. The listed below modern solitaire engagement rings of famous jewlery brands is a small example of how your dream ring may look.