Diamonds that glow at night

Santa Clause, Indiana, Mar. 5, 2018: A seasoned jeweler is creating the next big thing in the jewelry industry, diamonds that glow at night.

The company Night Glow Brands creates 100% natural diamonds and colored gemstones that glow in the colors of Caribbean Blue and Sea Foam Green and proven to glow for up to eight hours. The creator, Bill Disinger, says his inspiration for the colors is from his wife and muse, Sonya Disinger while they were on a trip to the Caribbean.

Night glow diamonds

What is unique about the Night Glow Brands diamonds and gemstones is that there are no batteries, wires, or exposure to radiation that allows the diamonds to glow.

Bill has figured out a way to cut the diamonds so they would be able to magnify the light at a focus point, reflect back up into the diamond or colored gemstone and creating an ambient glow. This is similar to the way one would take a magnifying glass, turn it at an angle, and use the sun’s rays to catch a piece of paper on fire.

The Night Glow technology currently holds a total of 43 US utility and provisional patents and other countries such as China, Russia, and the European Union.

Night glow diamonds

Customers can purchase Night Glow jewelry in the form of rings, pendents, earrings and more with custom designs available to create something truly unique. They have a physical store in Huntingburg, Indiana as well as an online store at

Created in spring of 2010 by Bill Disinger, a designer and jeweler for over 35 years, Night Glow Brands has over 8,500+ fans on Facebook and hundreds of satisfied customers with zero defective returns.

Night Glow Brands has been operating mainly in Southern Indiana but has sold their global license to NewYork firm SNJ. All designs are still created in Bill’s lab in Huntingburg, IN. They are planning on expanding their collection of high-quality, glow in the dark diamonds and gemstones with their upcoming Kickstarter campaign in early May.

The campaign will allow customers to obtain pieces for up to $1,000 off retail. Night Glow Brands is currently running a free giveaway on their Facebook page to promote the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.
Mr. Disinger is available to discuss Night Glow Brands and it’s future in the diamond industry.