Tiffany jewelry with a spirit of New York City

About Tiffany & Co

Tiffany is one of the most well recognised and adorable jewelry brands in the world. The legendary style of Tiffany jewelry is a combination of two things. One: being able to stay classic and represent timeless American jewelry. The other: to become iconic for the new age women.

It has a certain risks pushing the classics forwards. And Tiffany brand takes these risks. It continues to push and evolve with the times.

Who is a woman of the new Tiffany jewelry collection

She is creative and loves to change, because it makes her feel alive. It’s not about natural growing or success. It’s about cardinal changes and true rebellion. The life is a rebel for her. She is hard in a good way because she was born and grew up in New York City. And this is the main inspiration and insight of HardWear – the new Tiffany jewlery collection. It’s about power of the women of New York City who challenge the status quo. Tiffany HardWear collection embodies the energy of New York City, that is borrowed from the urban spririt of NYC streets.

HardWear – the new Tiffany jewelry collection

The collection includes the 18-karat yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver pieces. Crafted in a very industrial style with minimalist chic design HardWear is a mix of high fashion and classics. It’s timeless classic Tiffany style but in a new, modern way with a true spririt of New York City.

Oversized chain necklaces, triple drop earrings, massive ball rings and sphere earrings will certainly become your favourite pieces.

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tiffany jewelry hardware-2017-5
tiffany jewelry hardware-2017-4
tiffany jewelry hardware-2017-3
tiffany jewelry hardware-2017-2
tiffany jewelry hardware-2017-1

The complete Tiffany jewelry collectionis available at Tiffany stores in New York and on

photography Amanda Shadforth
model Nicole Pollard