Jewelry trends 2018

Today we review on the fine jewelry trends 2018. Diamonds and precious gems are hardly associated with a rapidly changing fashion industry. Nevertheless we tryied to gather the most significant tendencies in a fine jewelry design this year. Here are our TOP TEN of the hottest and biggest fine jewelry trends, that you will certainly wish to wear.

1. Animal jewelry. 

Animal figures and motifs are at the top of fine jewelry trends 2018. Animal rings paved with diamonds, animal pendants and necklaces with precious stones became very popular. Among jewelry animals you will meet not only the familiar pets, but first of all animals that are unusual for fine jewelry pieces.

jewelry trends 2018

Here are first of all pegasuses, owls, exotic birds, pandas etc.
Among all designers special mention must be made of jewelry houses Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron, Zorab Creation.

animal jewelry

Colorful gemstones (2)  are number two in the list of jewelry trends 2018. Sophisticated and timeless precious stones in vivid colors are a must this year. Especially if they are of the most fashionable ultra violet color. The canary yeallow diamonds to be paired with blue sapphires and red rubies on one jewlery piece.

colorful diamonds ultra violet jewelry

jewelry trends 2018 jewelry trends 2018

3. Flora & Forest charms are the most vivid and playful jewelry trends 2018. The colorful fruits and vegetables paved with diamonds look incredible on the women’s wrist.
forest charms

4. Toi et Moi rings

This might be the loudest come back in a jewelry design this year. These rings are well known for centuries. They are aslo known as open rings or between the finger rings. Originally the Toi et Moi rings mean You and Me and symbolize the desire of two souls to unite. Firstly they were designed as engagement rings firstly, nowadays Toi et Moi rings is a casual jewel piece for everyday wearing.

Toi et Moi rings Diamond Toi et Moi rings

jewelry trends 2018  jewelry trends 2018

5. Anklets

Our Mom’s trend is coming back. Anklets are very trendy again. This year they look more chic and luxury. Gold anklets with diamonds or gemstones become very popular among other jewelry trends 2018. Diamond anklets paired with sneakers – OH! this is a 100% fashion trend in 2018.

Anklets Anklets

6.  Pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry is certainly a timeless classic. But pearls paired with diamonds is certainly the biggest jewelry trend. Necklaces and rings united pearls and gems into one pair are a must-have in the jewelry box of every women.

jewelry trends 2018 jewelry trends 2018

7. Layering rings

We all are used to layer several necklaces or bracelets together. This year layering rings becomes the jewelry trend. Not even on the one finger like we wore them last years. The more rings on the hands, the more trendy is your look. If you do not have a knowing of limits, this is exactly your trend.

layering rings layering rings

jewelry trends 2018 jewelry trends 2018

8. Block shaped design

Round forms are not in focuse in 2018. Cube and block shapes are the trend. Remember the Chopard’s ice cube collection? It the most trendy block shaped design look contemporary and even a bit futuristic. Surely this jewelry trend is for women living in the rhythm of the big city.

jewellery trends 2018

9. Asymmetrical Earrings

Asymmetrical earrings a new comer in the list of jewelry trends 2018, that rapidly grows. The asymmetrical earrings look definitely strange, like you have lost or broken an earring.  Nevertheless we have seen them by the most fashion designers this year – by Maison Margiella, Ellery, Balenciaga

asymmetrical earrings asymmetrical earrings

10. Link Chain Jewelry

The bracelets and necklaces designed in form of massive and bold chain is another big jewelry trend that came back to us from the 90s. The heavy necklaces emphasize the sophistication and femininity of a woman.

chain jewelry jewelry trends 2018

Be trendy and beautiful with the latest jewelry trends 2018.
Bye! See you on the next jewelry review on the 🙂