Wedding rings – 3 main styles

Wedding is one of the most important events in our life . Wedding rings have always been the main attribute of the solemn engagement & wedding ceremony. It is a symbol of love and serious intentions. That’s why this is a very important moment of life, when people are very responsible and serious in their feelings. We help you make the first steps to choose a dream wedding ring, which you will wear all your life. Lets begin with the definition of style. There are only 3 main styles of wedding rings: classic, vintage and modern.

Classic wedding rings

Classic wedding rings are very popular and widely used. They are bestsellers at any jewelry store. A simple, ideal form of classic wedding rings symbolizes a smooth, problem-free married life. Such rings are usually made from yellow or rose gold. White rings are very popular too. They are obtained from combined metal alloys. Gold is added to nickel, silver, palladium, zinc and platinum. White classic rings look chic and noble. The wedding rings with combination of several types of gold, for example white and red are very trendy today. This combination gives a unique style. Classic wedding rings can be decorated with small gemstones.


Vintage wedding rings

Vintage is one of the most beautiful and ancient styles. Real vintage rings can be considered products that are not less than 20 years old and must fully comply with the standards of the past. Preserved engagement vintage rings from our ancestors can be attributed to real original works of art. Today, thanks to the development of technology to create rings, you can make any engagement ring in a vintage style to order. The main characteristics of a vintage engagement ring are elegance, the presence of a past time, luxury. Each vintage ring has its own history, which makes it unique, unusual and mesmerizingly beautiful.



Modern wedding rings

The modern style of engagement rings is gaining popularity. Unique, creative designs, relief surfaces, unusual silhouette of sets are the main characterize this style. The main advantages of modern engagement rings are their extraordinary look. The most popular and unusual modern engagement rings are rings with a shape of any object like a crown, swan, wings, handshake. Very trendy are wedding rings in form of yin and yang, which symbolize a whole. A ring-tattoo or Wedding rings with symbols of populars films (Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, etc.) also the most suitable for unconventional creative wedding ceremonies.