Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

There is something about engagement rings that speak volumes even without a word being uttered. It is not just a ring from a partner. It is a seal of love and a promise of a future with such partner. It is a reminder that a relationship is no longer on a platonic level. Most times, engagement rings are a sign that a person will get married to the recipient of the engagement ring in no distant time.

Wedding bands and gemstone engagement rings

For wedding occasions and engagement events, gemstone rings work well with any of these occasions. Gemstones are rings with colorful stones and are also precious stones such as diamonds. Whatever the occasion is, there is a gemstone to make that wedding or engagement a special one.

Top 4 gemstones in engagement rings

Diamonds – they are always the most preferred rings for engagement and this is not just because of the colorless color, but because they are very expensive. No wonder they are very valued by the ladies that receive them on their engagement occasion. There is a popular saying that “Diamonds Are Forever” which is actually true.

Sapphire – they are one of the earliest gemstones that are still around even after so many years. Their attractive blue color makes them irresistibly attractive. They have a sparkle that makes them look as deep as the blue ocean. They are perfect gemstones for engagement. On a scale of 1 to 10, sapphires receive a 9 for their ability to withstand scratch. They are easily noticeable and match any outfit and skin color.

Ruby – if you have seen a ruby engagement ring before, then you would agree with us that they are one of the best engagement rings that are out there. Their red color is an expression of how deep your love is for your partner. It is always adorable to have a ruby in an engagement ring.

Emerald – they are another timeless gemstone that goes well as engagement rings. Their green color speaks of power and charm. They are to be handled with extra care to keep maintaining their beauty.

Top 5 diamond engagement ring designs

Halo rings – are a collection of round micro-pave or round pave diamonds with a center gemstone. They usually flash with light and draws attention back to the center stone.

Solitaire rings – these types of rings have a single dazzling center gem that is either classic or vintage. It always blends in well with a wedding band.

Rose gold rings – the root of this type of ring can be traced to the earliest jewelry artisans. It has been around for many years and is still in high demand till date. It has a beautiful and distinctive feel that makes it perfect for engagement rings.

Diamonds bands – comes in any shape, and always make an announcement wherever they are worn to. They are unique and speak of elegance, wealth, and royalty. It is still the number one choice for engagement rings for those that can afford it.

Twisted bands – just as the name, they are bands that are twisted. They have a certain appeal and are perfect for engagement rings.