Engagement Rings Trends by Jemma Wynne, New York

Today we’re talking about probably the most creative jewelers duo in New York: Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynne. Jenny and Stephanie started working together in 2005 at a fine jewelry house in New York. This successful collaboration led to the launch of the new jewelry brand Jemma Wynne in 2008.

jemma wynne new yorkjemma wynne new york

The spirit of New York City and its diversity has inspired the young jewelrs to create “go to” fine jewels. They craft luxury jewelry with casual asthetics. These are jewel pieces that look rich and classy but are wearable for every day.

jemma wynne new york

Today the designers own the jewelry studio in New York. Among Jemma Wynne’s clients are celebrieties, famous film and singer stars like Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Reese Witherspoon, Olivia Palermo.
jemma wynne new yorkjemma wynne new york
The contemporary vision of jewelry classics enable Jemma Wynne to design the creative jewelry.

Their diamond rings are unique and help to express the personal style of the owner opposed to rules and canons.  They can be mixed and layered on the hands, that also look very trendy.

The colorful engagement rings by Jemma Wynne

A colorful gemstone ring is one of the biggest engagement rings trends in 2018. Jemma Wynne offers a lot of engagement rings with pink sapphires, emeralds and canary diamonds. The pink sapphire engagement rings look sensually and provocative. By the way, the ultraviolet color was announced Pantone color of the year 2018. The emerald engagement rings demonstrate wisdom, growth and power. The beautiful greenery color, that was the color of the past year, is still very trendy.

jemma wynne engagement ringsjemma wynne engagement ringsjemma wynne engagement ringsjemma wynne engagement rings

The Toi et Moi engagement rings by Jemma Wynne

Two stone ring with an open design is known as Moi and Toi ring which means Me & You and symbolizing two souls becoming one.

The Toi et Moi engagement ring dates dates back centuries.  It is making a comeback today and becomes one of the biggest jewelry trends in 2018.

A classic toi et moi ring had two stones of a similar size and cut. Usually it was a pair of a diamond with a ruby. The diamond was a symbol of love and the ruby sybmolized passion and devotion.

The contemporary jewelry designers use different gems and cuts, playing with the concept and materials. The toi et moi engagement rings by Jemma Wynne are simply elegant and particularly beautiful.

moi et toi engagement ringsmoi et toi engagement rings
moi et toi engagement ringsmoi et toi engagement rings
engagement rings new yorkengagement rings new york

Here, on www.jemmawynne.com/jw-picks/bridal/ are more engagement rings handmade by Jemma Wynne in New York City, which you will fall in love with.