40 Diamond Engagement Rings you’ll want to wear forever

Ever since they were discovered deep within the sea in some regions, diamonds have become a valuable gemstone that only those that know quality appreciate. Their standardized description sets them apart by their cut, clarity and of course, carat weight. Diamonds cost by their carat weights and are usually quite expensive. Because of their widespread acceptance all over the world, diamonds are being incorporated with a lot of rings in different shapes and sizes. It will be worth it to take a look at the most popular diamond engagement rings.

Solitaire diamond engagement rings

If there are engagement rings that leave a statement each and every time, they are solitaire diamond rings. There is hardly any girl that can resist the temptation of saying “yes” if a solitaire diamond ring is the engagement ring. They might look simple, but do not neglect the massive power solitaire diamond rings hold. They come in either stainless steel band or gold band with a diamond in the outer middle of it. They can come in different shapes and sizes and are always beautiful.


If a ring is a symbol of love, than a solitaire engagement ring with a thin band and a small or medium sized diamond centered on it is the most expressive way to say how open, sincere and tender your feelings are.

A vintage or retro styled engagement ring with a tiny diamond centeres is especially trendy in 2017. Their mild shine instead of eye-catching sparkle look very delicate. There is certainly something very intimate, that is only between him and her…

Accents diamond engagement rings

You cannot talk about popular diamond rings without mentioning accents diamond engagement rings. They are the way to go now when it comes to the reigning diamond engagement rings. They are not just beautiful but are usually expensive because of the tiny diamonds that surround accent rings. They always look exquisite on the finger and make every unmarried girl green with envy. There is no saying “no” when the ultimate question is popped with this amazing diamond ring.

Accent diamonds surround a big centered diamond. Small diamonds have simple cut and are commonly used just to acccent the main stone. They also enforce the brilliance of your engagement ring.

Three stone diamond engagement rings

They are arguably the quintessential diamonds that are known for their radiance. Their classic shape sets them apart from every other diamond engagement rings. Their astonishing brilliance, scintillation, and dispersion are next to none. Three stone diamond engagement rings are the perfect rings to honor a unique relationship. Their 3 piece is so unique and appealing which is why they hardly go out of existence. They come in different shape, sizes, and twists and always manage to crave attention. In whatever color you choose from, three stone diamond engagement rings always show off wealth, command, and power in a subtle way.

The main difference between three stone diamond engagement rings and accents rings is a carat weight. The surrounded diamonds are not accents, but play the key role in the designer composition. They are not loud as main diamond but speak volumes even in their innocent looking state. If there is a ring that is gaining huge popularity, we give it to three stone diamond engagement rings.