Diamond Engagement Rings

The year 2017 is the year of much engagement news to be announced. There is no year that passes that millions of engagements do not take place all over the world. For this year, 2017, we have listed the top 5 diamond engagement ring designs that we know will hit their mark.

Halo diamond engagement rings

Halo diamond engagement rings have a power to take your breath away. The best of halo ring hold a certain charm that is simple but exquisite. It ranges from extravagant to classic to suit every unique engagement occasion. They have become very popular and are surrounded by tiny stones that make them stand out.

Solitaire diamond engagement rings

Solitaire diamond engagement rings have been in use for many years. You know them by their single big stones that pop out on their own. They are always a sight to behold and are very prominent. They are known for making powerful statements and are showstoppers anytime, any day. There are no guesses about solitaire engagement rings.

Rose gold diamond engagement rings

Rose gold diamond engagement rings will never faze out. Rose golden rings are known for their modern and vintage feel. They are always preferred by people that love distinctive and beautiful choice. A mixture of lustrous copper and gold, the rings derive their roots from the earliest jewelry artisans. They are still a choice to beat with their karat gold and gorgeous styles.

Diamond bands

Diamond bands are one of the most favored rings for engagement. Many celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey to name a few have big diamond rings given to them by their partners. Diamond rings are the kings of engagement rings. They are used to show the seriousness of a relationship and how much a lady is appreciated and loved by her partner. Diamond rings are here to stay for many uncountable years to come.

Twisted diamond bands

Twisted diamond bands go round and round in an endless twist of love and are very trendy today. Their twisted nature makes them one of the favorite rings to value for engagement. They come in various designs and styles with twists that are pure stainless, gold or filled with tiny diamonds. They are a marvel to behold. Ever since twisted bands gained popularity, they have not slowed down in becoming one of the perfect choices for engagement rings that many ladies find hard to resist.