The prettiest engagement rings in NYC

Through times an engagement ring remains a symbol of love and serious intentions. It can be contemporary or vintage, handcrafted or bought in a jewelry store. There are no rules. Just to be close to your sense of beauty and awesome enough to wear it for many years.

Hunting for a dream engagement ring, we discovered the prettiest engagement rings made by the jewelry designers in NYC. These diamond engagement rings might be the prettiest in New York City ever.

Diamond engagement rings by Everett, NYC

Everett is a well known jewelry brand created by a talented designer Alexandra Cole Nelson in New York. The diamond engagement rings by Everett are recognizable by their elegant and noble style.

Inspired by clusters Alexandra crafts a new interpretation of vintage cluster jewelry. Her jewelry is a fusion of old schooled aesthetic and modern clean design. The breathtaking diamond engagement rings are made with mininal bands in rose or yellow gold. White, rose and champagne colored diamonds are paved in a very creative way.

Diamond engagements rings by A. Jaffe, NYC

Created by Abraham Jaffe for more than 120 years ago A. Jaffe is one of the most respected engagement rings NYC brand. The superior craftsmanship is passed on from generation to generation.

The prettiest engagement rings made by A. Jaffe using the rare and most valuable diamonds. A.Jaffe hand crafts jewelry of  exceptional beauty and elegance. The diamonds engagement rings perfeclty fit for pairing with wedding bands. Each design can be modified or completely transformed as to custom design.

The prettiest engagements rings by Gabriel & Co

Gabriel & Co is one of the most honored jewelry company with a talented team of extra ordinary designers in New York. Precised in details and creative in mind Gabriel & Co creates the new jewelry trends. The prettiest engagement rings with stunning settings of paved diamonds, creative twists and high grade diamonds look very romantic.

You will certainly find your dream ring in a wide variety of unique designed engagement rings and jewelry collections.