Chocolate diamond engagement rings

The Chocolate diamonds

Brown color of diamonds has various shades indeed. Their names convey the true color of the diamonds.

Brown diamonds are found in a fairly wide range, from tender light brown to very beautiful dark brown diamonds. For more convenient definition they received special names, which help to more accurately describe the shades of brown diamonds.


For example, the Cognac Diamond means a light brown hue. The name Chocolate Diamond describes a much darker and more intense brown color.

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There are a lot of brown hues like champagne, hazelnut, coffee, bronze, walnut, cinnamon, gold, honey, cognac, etc. In accordance with the GIA classification, all these shades refer to brown diamonds.

Chocolate diamond engagement rings

Brown diamond engagement rings tend to be very trendy. Especially fashionable today are chocolate diamond engagement rings. Originally the chocolate diamonds came from Australia. They are mined from the deep earth layers with the high level of heat and pressure, which form the deep cognac color of diamond.

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Large jewelry retailers have increased the popularity of chocolate diamond engagement rings. The famous New York jewelry company Le Vian has branded brown diamonds with the registered trademark The Chocolate Diamonds®.

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The traditional white diamonds are too shiny and festive. The chocolate diamonds have a bit less sparkle. The chocolate diamond engagement rings look more noble and classy due to their rich brown color.

Le Vian chocolate diamond engagement rings

The colored diamonds is the new bridal trend of the upcoming 2018. The brown diamond wedding ring is a great choice to look happy and trendy if you plan your wedding next year.

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Buying the Le Vian chocolate diamond engagement rings you can be assured in the high quality of the brown diamonds. Le Vian use the strong demands and quality standards by crafting the bridal rings with chocolate diamonds.

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The incredibly beautiful collection of Le Vian chocolate diamond engagement rings include the wide range of models. The solitaire engagement rings with a centered chocolate diamond look especially stylish in strawberry gold. The combination of chocolate and white diamonds look the most fashionable.