3 tips for buying loose diamonds

Loose diamonds

Buing loose diamonds instead of finished jewelry give you certain benefits: your investment is not influenced by changes of jewelry fashion, you obtain the best gemstones that match your individual wishes and budget, you see any imperfections that commonly are hidden by jewelry mountings. Loose diamonds have different shapes.

shapes of loose diamonds
If you plan a purchase of loose diamonds you need to know some basics about the specific of diamonds market. There is a lot of information about this theme, but we focus on 3 the most important things that will help you with buying loose diamonds.

Value of loose diamonds

Tip: Before buying loose diamonds research The Four C’s Rule. There are 4 classic criteria used by professionals to evaluate diamonds. They sound like Carat + Color + Cut + Clarity. Here are some useful details for better understanding of how diamonds are valued.

Cut directly affects the value of a diamond. For example, the difference in price of two round diamonds of different cut but with the same weight, color and purity can reach up to 30%.

The jeweler can always assess the quality of the cut. But you probably would like to know if an ordinary buyer can see the difference between diamonds cut. Yes it is possible. The main rule is the better the quality of the cut, the lighter and brighter is the diamond.

Color of diamonds used in jewelry has pale hues and shades, and most of them appear to be colorless. The untrained human eye can not distinguish neighboring diamonds in the color scale. For the simplest way of assessing the color of the diamond you just need properly folded white paper and a source of cool natural light like of the northern sky.

loose diamonds color

Completely colorless diamonds are the most expensive and very trendy today, but some colored diamonds will not leave you indifferent as well.

The weight of a diamond is measured on the basis of a certain standard – a metric carat, equal to 200 mg. Carat weight correlate with diamonds size and is a key point in forming the price range.

Buying loose diamonds online

Tip: Buy certified loose diamonds. As you can see there are a lot of features and characteristics that significantly affect the value of a diamond. Buying loose diamonds you should be confident in the declared quality. The authenticity of a diamonds and its characteristics can be proved by a certificate of conformity issued by a reputable independent laboratory. Most of newcomers ask what are Gia diamonds – here is a question: diamonds certified by Gemological Institute Of America. Besides GIA there are some most reputable international certification Institutes like AGS, IGI, HRD and EGL. Each institute has own principles on grading, scaling and estimating the gemstones and they can differ from each other. Anyway purchasing certified diamonds you will avoid fakes and imitations which are a lot on the market.

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