Boucheron diamond jewelry collection of animals

Boucheron is the oldest jewelry house in France founded in 1858 by Frederic Boucheron.
Its high reputation within for more than 150 years led the company to the top of the most evident jewelers of the world today.

Today the jewelry house Boucheron produces luxury watches and fine jewelry in more than 50 boutiques all over the world: in New York, London, Madrid, Brussels, Dubai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney, St. Petersburg and others.

boucheron diamond rings

The elegant unique style of fine jewelry Boucheron is the combination of bright colors, unexpected shapes, multicolored stones of different sizes.

The stunning Boucheron jewelry collection of animals includes rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and other jewelry pieces on form of animals. Traditional for Boucheron bestiary (decoration in the form of animal figures) is represented by a complete menagerie with hummingbird, doe, polar owl, hedgehog, chameleon, horse etc.

boucheron diamond rings

Boucheron diamond rings

The Eagle diamond ring in white gold with sapphires and a tanzanite.  The eagle is a symbol of pride, majesty and strength. For many centuries the eagle was present in the emblems of many kings and kingdoms.

The Pegasus diamond ring in white gold with 334 white round diamonds and 2 cabochon sapphires. The jewel wraps around the finger and imitates the horse’s mane fluttered in the wind. The pegasus is a mythical winged horse that symbolizes serenity and contemplation.

The Leopard cat diamond ring in pink gold with a green tourmaline and emeralds is a perfect jewel for an independant woman. Inlaid with white and champagne diamonds the leopard cat is a symbol of courage and freedom.


boucheron diamond rings

The Falcon ring in white gold with 234 round diamonds, black sapphires, mother-of-pearls, and onyx. This voluminous ring with falcon’s head with diamonds paved plumage symbolizes the majestic power and wisdom of a woman.

The Doe diamond ring in pink gold with black sapphires and onyx.  The doe is a symbol of peace and femininity. Incrusted with white and champagne diamonds its a perfect ring for a sensitive woman subtly feeling the world.

The Polar Bear ring in white gold paved with diamonds and with a big facetted moonstone. The polar bear is an animal of Artic. It’s a symbol of power and majesty. This animal jewel is a talisman, that transfers its strength and protects its owner.

boucheron diamond rings

The Chameleon Ring in white gold paved with round pink, yellow and pink sapphires. Thanks to the play of light and stones, the colors seem to melt into each other brilliantly replicating the gradient of thousand hues of the chameleon.

The Panda Ring in white gold paved with black sapphires and diamonds. The panda symbolizes trust, gentleness and harmony, the achievement of which has always been highly valued in the eastern religions and cultures.

The Owl Ring set with pavé amethysts, cabochon amethysts, sapphires and diamonds, in white gold. The owl is a well known symbol of wisdom. This owl with contrasting hypnotic eyes perfeclty fits for mysterious women.

boucheron diamond rings

Boucheron diamond bracelets

The Swan diamond bracelet in white gold paved with diamonds and two rubies. The swan is a symbol of elegance and nobility. This bird is also a symbol of ideal love. Inspired by Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet the jewelry house Boucheron has created a range of jewel pieces with the swan, that replicate the graceful wingspan.

The Pegasus diamond bracelet in white gold with diamonds and sapphires is a Boucheron classic. The jeweler’s fine sculpting details very realistic imitate the horse’s mane movement. With a price of $ 252 000 its a very valuable jewelry gift for any occasion.

The Hedgehog Bracelet in pink gold with round rubies and black sapphire. The spiky hedgehog is full of sparkle and looks very tender and playful. This delicate bracelet perfecly fits to a tender woman who like dazzling and creative style.

boucheron diamond bracelets

Boucheron diamond pendants


The owl pendant in white gold paved with amethysts, sapphires and diamonds.  The owl is a symbol for strengh and power. According to many legends this talisman brings the prosperity and power to the wearer.

The Cocatoo pendant in white gold paved with diamonds and two emeralds. The diamonds sparkle of parrot’s plumage mirrors the symbol of beauty and brilliant life. Its an ideal gift for a woman who adores the life.

The hedgehog pendant in white gold paved with diamonds and sapphires. This tender hedgehog with the softly rounded spikes will give its wearer a brilliance and totally great look.


boucheron diamond pendants

Boucheron diamond earrings

The swan studs in white gold paved with black diamonds look extraordinary. The swan who is a timeless symbol of femininity and faithfully love is believed to bring happiness and eternity love to the owner. It is one of the most iconic animal in Boucheron’s jewelry collection.

The cocatoo earrings in pink gold paved with diamonds and yellow, orange and pink sapphires. The magnificence and sparkle of gems magnify by the play of light and color.

The hedgehog stud earrings in pink gold with sapphires, diamonds and rubies.  The sparkly hedgehog with the round and spiky details adds to the jewel a feminine touch and look incredibly tender.

boucheron diamond earrings