Adam Neeley engagement rings collection

Adam Neeley is the award-winning jewelry designer in California who specializes in a creative modern jewelry design. This summer the American Gem Trade Association recognized Adam Neeley with the honor of First Place for the design of Cosmos pendant at La Quinta Arts Festival.

Using the innovative techniques and precious metals like gold, silver and platinum, as well as a variety of rare gemstones, Neeley creates unique jewelry. It is contemporary and clean with a strong use of lines and curves.

His jewelry collection consists of rings, engagement rings, necklace, pendants, earrings, cufflinks etc. The beauty of nature and architecture is a pure inspiration for the California jeweler.

Engagament rings collection by Adam Neeley

The collection of engagement rings of Adam Neeley is a true twist of classic elegance and modern creativity. The design fuses the classical elements and contemorary unique forms.

Each engagement ring crafted by the talented jewelry designer has a special name that bolds its uniqueness.

The Couvent Duo engagement ring is a terrific diamond ring with the originally curved setting in white and yellow gold. Additionaly the ring can be accented by the pave diamonds.
engagement-ring-ca-2    Engagement ring Adam Neeley

The collection of engagement rings magnifies by its simple elegance and true romantic style.

The Luxe diamond ring (left) with a luxurious centered diamond that sparkles from every angle. The diamond is surrounded by accent diamonds. The wedding band with pave diamonds is removable. So you can wear it alone or paired with the engagement ring.
The Fiore diamond ring (right) with a graceful main diamond that is complemented by the side diamond with the white gold setting.

engagement-ring-ca-8    engagement-ring-ca-6

The entire engagement rings collection is available at Adam Neeley’s webiste and Fine Art Jewelry studio (352 North Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651)